I’m writing again. It seems like forever but I’m finally taking the time to focus on expanding my voice and brand once again. My last post came at the end of 2017 as I looked back at some of the lessons I learnt from starting a surfing brand and blog. The journey was fun but what I realised this year is just how tough it is to keep up that kind of momentum. During that time I found a job, resigned from it, finished a course and started teaching yoga.  The beautiful thing about it is that I find myself back where I started but with some changes. I find myself having a growing platform to continue to express my voice, a new career as a yoga teacher and I’m engaged.  All of these affirmation to the essence of why I stared Wavish. We are always evolving.

I look back at the year that has passed and cannot help but be grateful for the opportunities I have experienced. It has been a tough time with massive career and lifestyle changes. Monetary sacrifices and changes to social circles. All these trials and tribulations all contributed to one serious ride. Unlike most rides though, this is a continuous one that ebbs and flows as the tides goes.

Whats the plan?

So where do we go from here? Wavish as a brand is changing. Over the past year we have changed the logo, look and feel of the website, scrapped some core concepts and stopped trying to monetize everything.  The focus has moved away from being a blog and more towards an actual surf brand with a voice. I have seen brands do the same thing every year. I just feel there is a need within the surfing landscape for something odd and different. My surf poetry is ever-growing on Instagram and through some marketing I have learnt that it blends well with today’s surfing culture. Translating that relation into apparel should be easy enough. Money is always an issue but it’s not a concern of mine. If I stay positive to my goals and passions the money will come.

We have also looked at collaborating with Cape Town based brands. The idea behind it was growth. Sometimes you just need to work with some like-minded people that have similar goals to meet your own. Everyone contributes and the success is shared. Unfortunately it does not always work out that way but with all business there is trail an error period. It has been immense fun and hope to continue working with the guys from Dust Surf and Simple Yoga Apparel

That’s all from my side for now. I’m looking at doing more video on Instagram and posting a blog once a month to keep everyone informed about what’s on my mind. The brand is growing and taking on a path that is different to what we originally intended. Come with us and let’s see where this goes.


See you out there