“I asked for water. He gave me a stare. Eyes deep with green filled tears hanging on to their own will, not willing to waiver. My throat is dry like sand paper to soothe away the edges of my own pain. His gaze burns.  A red flame of pulsating blood and rubies glimmering as the pyramids do under the Egyptian sun. I reach out to him. Slow and steady not to burn my fingers, hoping that I can find peace. The tranquil state in which he resides. I want to join them. Sit next to them. Breathe the air as they do with the ease and grace of the wind. The heat from his iris is immense. Tearing flesh from bone. My hand struggles to fight the urge of failure. As I move closer, his face begins to change. The crowning of all hatred and greed fighting against my intentions of salvation. Pull back I say, but my hand moves ever closer. Drawn to each other his hand move towards mine. The forces of attracted natures pulled by the universe of opposites. Two sides of every story breaking a path of connection. I burn while he cools. The mirror broke.”