“Lost pieces of every occasion, the drifting memories of the swipe forgotten. I cannot feel the moment as my hands fight to capture what was about to happen. Tripping on how I see it or the likes and shares to those who view it. But you were never there. Only second-hand information brought to you by mediums giving me the impression that you care. I fidget and struggle to get the best angle while missing the explosions of life and colour. My insecurities take over as I fight to choose which filter to use like a brawler. None of this matters though. I plug it back into charge with gusto. In a hurry to get back on an adventure. Ready to capture it without experiencing it. Ready to see the world without living it. This is my reality. A picture based diagram of mediocrity. Nothing lived, nothing gained. Only the chasing of a viral share to boost my egos rein. I’m addict. Like the waves we chasing im conflicted. Restricted. Trapped in this screen that I have been tricked with. To believe that I’m engaging when actually I’m further away. Drifting into an abyss of social awkwardness leading me astray. My wrists ache. It burns from the fire based tapping of my thumb. Trying to paint an image within the allocated space until it’s numb. When all I needed to do was look and feel. To embrace my surroundings because that is real. That is all that matters. As we chase these barrels and smiles. I look upon these oceans and appreciate our lifestyle. No caption needed”