IM A SURFER 2.2 – Why is the Wavescape Surf and Ocean Festival so important to me

Wavescape Festival? Why is the Wavescape Surf and Ocean Festival so important to me? This question has wandered around my mind for some time now. A constant puzzle with endless [...]

IM A SURFER 2.1 – I’m Writing Again

I’m writing again. It seems like forever but I’m finally taking the time to focus on expanding my voice and brand once again. My last post came at the end [...]

IM A SURFER 1.9 – 5 Lessons Surfing Has Taught Me

5 lessons surfing has taught me Like Edison’s’ failures ultimately leading to the light bulb. Every surf has taught me something new by pushing my body and mind onto a [...]


My own guilt

“I asked for water. He gave me a stare. Eyes deep with green filled tears hanging on to their own will, not willing to waiver. My throat is dry like [...]

Our Mobiles Hold Us To Ransom

“Lost pieces of every occasion, the drifting memories of the swipe forgotten. I cannot feel the moment as my hands fight to capture what was about to happen. Tripping on [...]

I ask to understand

Humbly I look to the lifeless clouds. Silently swaying as the currents will them into shape. No course of their own to overcome the unwavering faith in their unseen guide. [...]